Fun Fudge Flavors!

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Hey Fudge Fans!

We're excited to announce our awesome selection of fun fudge flavors. You can find them here. So you might be asking yourself just what are fun flavors? Well here is a quick list:

  • Cappuccino Fudge
  • Cookie Dough Fudge
  • Cookies N Cream Fudge
  • Pistachio Fudge
  • Pumpkin Fudge
  • Salted Nut Roll Fudge
  • And tons of other amazing flavors
As always we carry all these flavors, and many more, in our amazing fuge store on the boardwalk in Wildwood, New Jersey. We have some of the best fudge you will ever try :)

The Fudge Factory Family

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Apple Pie Fudge is Online!

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It has been an awesome season in Wildwood, New Jersey! We have a few new flavors we will be announcing online. The first of which is Apple Pie Fudge. This fudge is absolutely delicious and creamy. We've gotten a ton of demand and lots of people wanted to see it online, so we brought it to you.

You can find some  apple pie fudge here.

As always you can visit our fudge store on the boardwalk in the Jersey Shore of Wildwood to find the best fudge you've ever had :) 

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We're back for another great season!

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We're back for another great season and are super excited to make a few announcements:

1) As you can tell we recently changed our website! We're hoping this new design will give us the look and feel our store gives. Would love to hear some feedback, let us know if you like it! :)

2) We're super excited to be back for another great season. We have lots of new flavors in the works (Hint: Red Velvet).

3) This isn't really an announcement, but thank you for being such awesome customers. We truly love making your life sweeter. 

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